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My name is Heather. I am an active member of the CFA (CAT FANCIERS ASSOCIATION) BENGAL BREED COUNCIL - https://ecat.cfa.org/Reports/BreedCouncil_ReportByBreed.aspx

I hold a AA in Criminal Justice, BS in Accounting, and a MBA (Healthcare Management). I work full-time in the healthcare industry, working from home as a caregiver. I am also retired from a state government position. I strive for perfection. Like an artist cresting a piece of fine art. We go over and beyond what other catteries do. WHY you may ask? Because I am like, Albert Einstien, Paul Dirac, Thomas Jefferson, Andy Warho, Ludwig Wittgenstein, Steve Jobs, Alfred Kiney, Emily Dickinson and many more individuals. We all are creative, intelligent, strive for perfection and are Autistic... Here is a link of history's 30 most inspiring people on the Autism Spectrum - https://www.appliedbehavioranalysisprograms.com/historys-30-most-inspiring-people-on-the-autism-spectrum/

Being a caregiver is a rewarding career, that enables me to have such a GREAT leisure-time activity . I am a home body and these lovely animals are my emotional support animals (we have Bengals that are strictly our pets and were NEVER used for breeders) All my FUR Family Members are part of my family. Some people golf, bowl, garden, take wild life photos, hike, mountain climb, can and make their own foods for recreation, but relaxing and caring for these Bengals is my form of recreation. Bengals are my leisure-time activity, my labor of love. We picked Bengals as our family pets because we have allergies and we wanted a smart, hypoallergenic pet.

We except gifts (AKA (also known as), payments, deposits - listed throughout our site and documents). These gifts (AKA, payments, deposits) are used for the care of these wonderful fur babies. This is an expensive leisure-time activity - (like playing golf for example). I do it for sport or recreation and not for the objective of making a profit.

EXAMPLE OF COSTS - (Washington State):

1 HCM + 1 Rabies Shot = $537.50 - copy of one of our receipts - https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=3127122417322282&set=pcb.3127122540655603&type=3&theater

1 Optimal Selection Genetic Testing - $99.99 - https://www.optimal-selection.com/optimal_selection_cats/

1 Bengal PRA-b / PK - $65.00 - https://vgl.ucdavis.edu/services/cat/

1 Coat Color DNA test - $60.00 - https://vgl.ucdavis.edu/services/cat/

1 GI PCR Panel Fecal Cost - $265.00

1 Spay or Neuter -$300.00 to $536.00

1 FeLv/FIV Test - $25.00

1 One Year Rabies - $20.00

1 Three Year Rabies $73.00

1 Micro Chip $70.00 + $25.00 lifetime registered

Additional Fees associated with breeding/housing/keeping pet includes, but not limited too: De worming, yearly examines, kitten exams, health record booklets, TICA Blue Slip, CFA litter registration, TICA yearly registration, CFA yearly registration, TICA yearly inspections application free, CFA yearly inspection application fee, TIBCS yearly registration, Website yearly fee, dot.com yearly fee, Toys, Blankets, Food, Food bowels, Water, Water bowels, Cat beds, Cat Furniture, Carriers, flooring, kennels, fencing, (Housing), cleaning supplies, ultra sounds, emergency vet visits, and much more.

Bengal Cat Prices: Updated Guide for 2020 - https://thebengalconnection.com/articles/bengal-cat-price/

Our cattery is located in Washington State. I have over 30 years experience with Exotic animals and over 12 years experience with Bengals. We take great pride in the Kittens we produce. We specialize in Quality, NOT Quantity! We are inspected by a licensed veterinarian yearly, to ensure that our cats are healthy, happy, and well cared for (we do this volunterly - because we want too, not because we have too) and we were awarded the 2020 CFA Cattery of Excellence Award and the 2020 TICA Outstanding Cattery Award.




Exotic Legends Bengals is a small in-home cattery where all our cats are raised as part of the family and live in our home with us. We are registered with TICA, CFA, and TIBCS. Exotic Legends Bengals was started as a way to have an exquisite animal become a therapeutic pet for those with disabilities (both of my children are on the Autism Spectrum). Our Bengal kittens are handled and cuddled from the moment they are born, to make the best socialized most lovable Bengal kittens possible. They love to play fetch and can be leashed-harness trained and most of all they love water. We have many Bengal kittens (cats) that are used as therapy support cats, both personally and on military bases. All of our Bengal cats and kittens are treated as though they are not only our loving pets, but our family members. We pride ourselves with a clean and healthy environment for our Bengal kittens and cats.

We specialize in Quality, NOT Quantity!

We focus on healthy, high quality Bengal kittens with wonderful personalities.

We test our breeders for PK Deficiency and PRA (Bengal Progressive Retinal Atrophy) FeLV, FIV, PCR Fecal Panel, Feline Herpes, and HCM. We use UC Davis Veterinary Genetics Laboratory.

We are now starting to test for over 40 genetic diseases - using Optimal Selection Genetic Testing.
PK, PRA, RDAC, Blood Disorder, Cardiac Disorder, Endocrine Disorder, Immunologic Disorders, Metabolic Disorders, Muscular Disorders, Neurologic Disorders, Neuromuscular Disorders, Renal Disorders. WE ARE 100% CLEAR

Color and Pattern we specialize in are brown spotted kittens, brown rosette kittens, brown marble kittens, silvers spotted kittens, silvers rosette kittens, silver marble kittens, Seal Lynx Point snow spotted kittens, Seal Lynx Point snow rosette kittens, Seal Mink spotted kittens, Seal Mink rosette kittens, Seal Sepia spotted kittens, Seal Sepia rosette kittens, Snow/Silver rosette kittens, Snow/Silver marble kittens. CHARCOAL COMING SOON Please enjoy our Exotic Legends Bengals Website.

If you have any other questions about the breed or us, please feel free to contact Heather at (360) 536-7894 or email - exoticlegends@gmail.com