VIPER is a perfect example of the breed. He has a beautiful soft and shinny coat. He has a perfect dark mask on his face, which looks like a peace sign but without the circle around it. He has a thick dorsal strip running down his back, like a s super hero's cape. Some call it the (Zorro Cape and Mask). He won best in the ring with - color, breed, and more at his last cat show.  He is friendly, lovable, and loves taking walks.  Viper is duel registered with TICA and CFA

The following are Vipers results from the testing we have conducted:

HCM - Normal 2020 - Vipers HCM 2020.pdf

Bengal PRA - N/N Negative -

Pyruvate Kinase Deficiency (PK) - N/N Negative - 

F.I.V. - Negative - Viper Feline Aids reportt-1.pdf

FeLV - Negative - Viper Feline Aids reportt-1.pdf

Apb/A - Charcoal = 1 Asian Leopard Cat (ALC) and 1 Non-Agounti Gene. E/E B/B C/C D/D -