She is our first INTERNATIONAL Bengal.  She has a LOVELY Brown Rosette and glittered coat.

Pedigree includes RW SGC, CH, RW QGC and more.  She has a fine pelt, short, and plush. Her fur has a very soft and satiny mink like feel.

She loves to lay with you and go under the covers with you. She loves to be by your side.

The following are Bella's results from the testing we have conducted:

HCM - Normal 2019 - Bella HCM.jpg

Bengal PRA - Bella PRA.jpg

Pyruvate Kinase Deficiency (PK) - Bella PK.jpg

F.I.V. - Negative - 

FeLV - Negative - 

DNA Coat Color A/A E/E B/B C/C D/D - Bella DNA Coat Color.jpg