I will continue to fight for Bengals and all cats. I will continue to educate and spread the word around the world. 

There are way too many bad Cattery’s out there. Remember just because people have ribbons and bows and pretty little kitties does not mean they are free and clear of viruses and diseases. 

We can knock out viruses diseases genetic disorders throughout entire Catteries if we diligent and follow strict rules.
There are breeders out there that have diseases and viruses, they will try to convince you that it is normal. It is not normal. They will try to show you studies saying that certain viruses are widespread. But they won’t tell you is that those studies are based on samples that were received by the laboratory from cats that were symptomatic, in other words had the symptoms of that disease. That is why the percentage of that study is high. Be very very careful.

It needs to be mandatory that all Cattery‘s test their breeders for feline aids and leukemia, PCR fecals and PCR upper respiratory panels and optimal selections 50 cat genetic disorders. These tests need to be mandatory, these tests need to be routine.  
I am here to help anyone that wants to get on track.

 I’m here to help anyone that wants the best for the kitties. 

May God give me the strength and knowledge to be able to fight all the evil breeders out there that are trying to block me from spreading truth and knowledge. May God see that justice and truth prevails. May God continue to bless my Cattery and others that are trying to do things right. 

Yes it can be a heartbreaking road to try to get your cattery the way it supposed to be. Ethical. Clean. But together we can do it.