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2020 TICA Outstanding Cattery

We have over 30 years experience with Exotic Animals - WE ARE SIMPLE THE BEST


About Exotic Legends


About Exotic Legends About Exotic Legends About Exotic Legends

My name is Heather. I hold a AA in Criminal Justice, BS in Accounting, and a MBA (Healthcare Management). I work full-time in the healthcare industry, working from home as a caregiver. I am also retired from a state government position. I strive for perfection. Like an artist cresting a piece of fine art. We go over and beyond what other catteries do. WHY you may ask? Because I am like, Albert Einstien, Paul Dirac, Thomas Jefferson, Andy Warho, Ludwig Wittgenstein, Steve Jobs, Alfred Kiney, Emily Dickinson and many more individuals. We all are creative, intelligent, strive for perfection and are Autistic... Here is a link of history's 30 most inspiring people on the Autism Spectrum - https://www.appliedbehavioranalysisprograms.com/historys-30-most-inspiring-people-on-the-autism-spectrum/

Being a caregiver is a rewarding career, that enables me to have such a GREAT hobby. I am a home body and these lovely animals are my emotional support animals and part of my family. Some people golf, bowl, garden, take wild life photos, hike, mountain climb, can and make their own foods for recreation, but relaxing and caring for these Bengals is my form of recreation. Bengals are my hobby. We picked Bengals as our family pets because we have allergies and we wanted a smart, hypoallergenic pet.

We except gifts (AKA (also known as), payments, deposits - listed throughout our site and documents). These gifts (AKA, payments, deposits) are used for the care of these wonderful fur babies. This is an expensive hobby - (like playing golf for example). I do it for sport or recreation and not for the objective of making a profit.

EXAMPLE OF COSTS - (Washington State):

1 HCM + 1 Rabies Shot = $537.50 - copy of one of our receipts - https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=3127122417322282&set=pcb.3127122540655603&type=3&theater

1 Optimal Selection Genetic Testing - $99.99 - https://www.optimal-selection.com/optimal_selection_cats/

1 Bengal PRA-b / PK - $65.00 - https://vgl.ucdavis.edu/services/cat/

1 Coat Color DNA test - $60.00 - https://vgl.ucdavis.edu/services/cat/

1 GI PCR Panel Fecal Cost - $265.00

1 Spay or Neuter - $536.00

1 FeLv/FIV Test - $25.00

1 One Year Rabies - $20.00

1 Three Year Rabies $73.00

Additional Fees associated with breeding/housing/keeping pet includes, but not limited too: De worming, yearly examines, kitten exams, health record booklets, TICA Blue Slip, CFA litter registration, TICA yearly registration, CFA yearly registration, TICA yearly inspections application free, CFA yearly inspection application fee, TIBCS yearly registration, Website yearly fee, dot.com yearly fee, Toys, Blankets, Food, Food bowels, Water, Water bowels, Cat beds, Cat Furniture, Carriers, flooring, kennels, fencing, (Housing), cleaning supplies, ultra sounds, emergency vet visits, and much more.

Bengal Cat Prices: Updated Guide for 2020 - https://thebengalconnection.com/articles/bengal-cat-price/

Our cattery is located in Washington State. I have over 30 years experience with Exotic animals and over 12 years experience with Bengals. We take great pride in the Kittens we produce. We specialize in Quality, NOT Quantity! We are inspected by a licensed veterinarian yearly, to ensure that our cats are healthy, happy, and well cared for (we do this volunterly - because we want too, not because we have too) and we were awarded the 2020 CFA Cattery of Excellence Award and the 2020 TICA Outstanding Cattery Award.




Exotic Legends Bengals is a small in-home cattery where all our cats are raised as part of the family and live in our home with us. We are registered with TICA, CFA, and TIBCS. Exotic Legends Bengals was started as a way to have an exquisite animal become a therapeutic pet for those with disabilities (both of my children are on the Autism Spectrum). Our Bengal kittens are handled and cuddled from the moment they are born, to make the best socialized most lovable Bengal kittens possible. They love to play fetch and can be leashed-harness trained and most of all they love water. We have many Bengal kittens (cats) that are used as therapy support cats, both personally and on military bases. All of our Bengal cats and kittens are treated as though they are not only our loving pets, but our family members. We pride ourselves with a clean and healthy environment for our Bengal kittens and cats.

We specialize in Quality, NOT Quantity!

We focus on healthy, high quality Bengal kittens with wonderful personalities.

We test our breeders for PK Deficiency and PRA (Bengal Progressive Retinal Atrophy) FeLV, FIV, PCR Fecal Panel, Feline Herpes, and HCM. We use UC Davis Veterinary Genetics Laboratory. We are now starting to test for over 40 geneic diseases - using Optimal Selection Genetic Testing.

Color and Pattern we specialize in are brown spotted kittens, brown rosette kittens, brown marble kittens, silvers spotted kittens, silvers rosette kittens, silver marble kittens, Seal Lynx Point snow spotted kittens, Seal Lynx Point snow rosette kittens, Seal Mink spotted kittens, Seal Mink rosette kittens, Seal Sepia spotted kittens, Seal Sepia rosette kittens, Snow/Silver rosette kittens, Snow/Silver marble kittens. CHARCOAL COMING SOON Please enjoy our Exotic Legends Bengals Website.

If you have any other questions about the breed or us, please feel free to contact Heather at (360) 536-7894 or email - exoticlegends@gmail.com



Viper is a CHARCOAL BENGAL his type of color and pattern is most often seen in early generation Bengals because it is a trait that comes partly from the Leopard Cat.

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Caspian - is a Silver Lynx Point Snow - his father was Silver. Exotic Legends King Titan and Meria. (BOTH N/N PK & PRA) He has the look of an early generation Bengal. He has a dark/black tip tail. A very light white cream color, dark seal markings, and the bluish eyes.

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Abraham is a brown Bengal with rosettes and glitter. He has the perfect rounded ears and is a love bug.

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Pedigree includes RW SGC, CH, DCG, RW QGC and more. He is large bone, with wonderful spots. He has no rib lines. He is over 3 feet long (head to tail) with a hugh head.

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She is our first INTERNATIONAL Bengal. She has a LOVELY Brown Rosetted and glittered coat.

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Rene is the daughter of Bella and Abraham. Brown Bengal with glitter and lovely rosettes.

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Destiny is a Silver Rosette Bengal. Daughter of Titan and Rene. She looks like a F1 - WILD look - short tight coat..

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Harmony is the daughter of Bella and Abraham. Her profile is PERFECT.. She is the best example of a brown rosette Bengal.

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Kittens DUE SOON







What is the adoption fee for an Exotic Legends Bengal?

Adoption fees are subject to change (coloration/markings)


Breeding/show rights (Gifts of) $3000+ (Breeding Bengals will not be sold (Gifted) in Washington State) (DOUBLE FOR CHARCOAL AND/OR CHARCOAL CARRIER)

Discount of $100 off of your second Exoticlegends kitten.

Discount of $100 for Military and disabled individuals (must provide verification)

What is included with my Bengal kitten? (As long as supplies last)

1. Spay/neuter (unless being purchased for breeding) or per contract

2. Up to date with shots

3. De-worming,

4. Sample food and/or coupon for food

5. Gift Bag

6. Toys

7. Health Guarentee

8. Vet Health Certification

9. Life-time support

10. Revoluation

11. 30 days medical insurance for your kitten - provided by Trupamion.

12 Coupon from our vet - for your first visit

Can you ship the kitten to us?

We can ship your kitten anywhere in the United States AND internationally. (prices can be provided by the flight nanny service we recommended)

We also offer a DOOR TO DOOR service. .30 cents a mile

Does my (Gift) deposit count towards the adoption fee of my Bengal?

Yes your (Gift) deposit count towards your kitten.

What happens to my reservation (Gift) deposit if I don't pick a kitten or my living situation changes?

Your (Gift) deposit is safe with us. We will keep your (Gift) deposit and as soon as you are ready, your (Gift) deposit will go towards the adoption of your little angel.

What color Bengals do you have?

1. Brown, Gold, Orange (with or without Glitter)
2. Silver
3. Snows: LYNX POINT(Blue Eyes) Light colored markings. MINK (Blueish/green eyes) Darker markings. SILVER LYNX POINT (Blue Eyes) White background - silver markings. (coming end of 2020 - beginning 2021)
4. Charcoal (coming 2020)

Do you provide studding services?


What do you test for and who does your testing?


1. Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA) - https://vgl.ucdavis.edu/services/cat/BengalPRA.php

2. Erythrocyte Pyruvate Kinase Deficiency (PK Deficiency), - https://vgl.ucdavis.edu/services/pkdeficiency.php

3. Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV) - Testing for the feline immunodeficiency virus is performed with a small sample of your cat's blood. - https://www.vet.cornell.edu/departments-centers-and-institutes/cornell-feline-health-center/health-information/feline-health-topics/feline-immunodeficiency-virus

4. Feline Leukemia Virus (FeLV). - Testing for the feline leukemia is performed with a small sample of your cat's blood. - https://pets.webmd.com/cats/facts-about-feline-leukemia-virus#1

5. HCM are completed by Woodfield DACVIM (Cardiology) - HCM - Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy is the most commonly diagnosed cardiac disease in cats. Feline Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy (HCM) is a condition that causes the muscular walls of a cat's heart to thicken, decreasing the heart's efficiency and sometimes creating symptoms in other parts of the body.- https://icatcare.org/advice/hypertrophic-cardiomyopathy-hcm-and-testing/

6. Random FULL PCR Fecal Panel - The FilmArray gastrointestinal panel is a multiplex PCR test capable of qualitatively detecting DNA or RNA of 22 pathogens (bacteria, parasites, and viruses) - https://www.mayocliniclabs.com/test-catalog/Fees+and+Coding/63169

7. Testing for over 40 genetic diseases, 20+ Traits amd more with - Optimal Selection - https://www.optimal-selection.com/optimal_selection_cats/

What type of food does your Exotic Legends Bengal eat?

We feed our Bengals - Taste of the Wild  - https://www.chewy.com/taste-wild-rocky-mountain-grain-free/dp/181327

Our kittens go from nursing to Wellness kitten food (wet) to the mixed dry food - https://www.chewy.com/wellness-complete-health-kitten/dp/34455

How can I get onto your waiting list?

1. Click and Complete the waiting list form - WAITING LIST TAB
2. Place a non-refundable (Gift) deposit of $200 - we except
A. PayPal - exoticlegends@gmail.com
B. Venmo - @Exoticlegends

UPDATED 5/18/2020
These are the people currently on our waiting list:
  1. Chris S (This is their 2nd Exotic Legends Bengal)
  2. Micheal H.
  3. Shery W. (This is her 2nd Exotic Legends Bengal)
  4. Gary & Linda G
  5. Bonifacio B (getting 2 breeders from us for his program)
  6. Tracey for Toni
  7. Robin B (East Coast)
  8. Kayla M (This is her 2nd Exotic legends Bengal)
  9. Tamra & Charles Close
  10. Nichole Smith & Jacob Brown
  11. Robyn Ahearn
  12. Steven Petersen
  13. Kellie Samadhi
  14. Shreena N
  15. Jacqueline N

Memberships and affiliates?

TICA - www.tica.org
CFA - The Cat Fanciers' Association INC.
Bengal Cat Club - https://bengalcatclub/bengal-cat-breeders/washington
Cat Kingpin - www.catkingpin.com

How are Bengals with young kids?

Kittens/cats are like people. No two are the same. They have their own purrrrsonailities. My kittens are great with kids. They are socialized from birth. I have recommnedations and pictures of my clients children with their Exotic Legends Bengals.

How are Bengals with other pets?

Kittens/cats are like people. No two are the same. They have their own purrrrsonalilities. My kittens are great with other animals. We have German Shepherds that are their personal guard dogs.  If you would like we can send you pictures that our clients posted of their Exotic Legends Bengal with their new fur babies.

What litter do your cats use?

Tractor Supply Pine Pellet Stall Bedding will save you time, storage space and money. Made from environmentally friendly, all natural pine, our Pine Pellet Stall Bedding provides a comfortable sterile bedding layer, while neutralizing odor and absorbing moisture on contact.


Waiting List

Waiting list
  • Place your 1ST non-refundable Deposit of $200
    • PayPal - (ADD 4.4% FOR FEES - TOTAL $208.80) - www.exoticlegendsbengals.com
    • Venmo - (NO ADDITIONAL FEES) - TOTAL $200) -  https://venmo.com/Exoticlegends
  • You will then be placed on a list
  • After a litter is born, you will be contacted
  • If you want a kitten you will then
  • Pick your kitten out of the litter – depending on your placement on the list (1 week of age or so)
  • Sign and complete the contract - one will be e-mailed to you
  • Place a 2ND non-refundable deposit to then hold (reserve) your kitten – which will be either $300 or $700 depending on the agreed upon price of the kitten. THE AGREED UPON PRICE IS THEN LOCKED IN FOR YOU 
  • If you do not like any of the kittens in the current litter – your non-refundable 1st deposit is then be transferred to the next litter and so on until you (reserve-place your 2nd deposit) on the kitten you desire. 
Contact us –    exoticlegends@gmail.com or (360) 536-7894
Total deposits can range from $500 to $900
  • Kittens are to be paid in full, in cash, at the time of pick up.
  • If you kitten is being delivered to you, the kitten must be paid in full 14 days prior to delivery date.
Pet prices usually range from $1,600 to $2,800+ Charcoals/Carries of Charcoals and Black (Melanistic) Bengals are DOUBLE the price

Breeder prices range from $3,000 to $3,500 – Charcoals/Carries of Charcoals and Black (Melanistic) Bengals are DOUBLE the price (international clients please inquire). BREEDERS WILL NOT BE SOLD IN WASHINGTON STATE


My Husband takes Hunter to work with him, on the days that I am working. He's a wonderful Traveler. Sleeps all night, never wakes up. he is a good boy. He fetches. He sits when I give him a treat - before I give him the command. Smart kitty. Gets "off" when told - loves tag and peek-a-boo. Wonderful beautiful additional to our family. I'm so happy I found you"

Nancy HNampa Idaho

I purchased my Bengal kitten from Exotic Legends on December 30th. I couldn’t be more pleased with him. It was very important to me to have a kitten that was well socialized and adaptable. I have three very busy Corgis and I didn’t want a cat that would be fearful and routinely hide. My little Finnegan is bold and friendly to the dogs and sweet and loving to me. He spends a lot of time playing with my youngest Corgi. I couldn’t be more pleased. Adapting to my household was nearly seamless. If you are considering adding a Bengal kitten to your household I highly recommend Exotic Legends."

ConnieEnumclaw Wa

FIRST off, we highly recommend Heather “Exotic Legends Bengals” as your Bengal cattery! After several searches for a Bengal cattery and several calls around the state, we came across Heathers website. We gave her a call around Christmas and her enthusiastic conversation was very refreshing! She had a litter that was born on the 22nd and was open for us to see them; Though we couldn't hold them which we totally understood and respected. Heather explained her love, care and socializing of her Bengals. We just loved the entire straight forward experience. Over the next 8 weeks - weekly, we sent Heather a text for a picture of our baby. Like clockwork, we received several pictures as he grew! Finally the day came and Gatsby became a member of our family! Fully potty trained and not the least bit nervous of his new surroundings. It was obvious Gatsby was beautify socialized by Heathers utmost care and love. As I write this, Gatsby has been with us now for 4 weeks. His markings are coming is just spectacular while his disposition is very sweet along with tremendous fun energy! He begs to get in the shower, loves the sinks and even attempts the human bathroom. He runs, chases and plays well with our two small dogs and it’s obvious who now runs the roost! He loves to hang-out with me in my office all day and even tries to surf the web with the mouse… LOL! To be honest, we think he is a well-trained dog disguised in a cat body! He is awesome! And since the first day home he sleeps with us all night long. Thank you Heather and to your family for the love you give to your Bengals!"

Mark & AnneGig Harbor

Having worked in pet rescue and kitten fostering for almost 20 years I was a bit hesitant to buy from a breeder having heard some pretty bad stories, but my fiance and I really wanted a baby bengal. I spent a long time researching catteries and really liked what I discovered about Heather and Exotic Legends. I wanted a small in-home breeder that spends qualty time with not only the kittens, but parents as well. Heather welcomed me to her home to meet the mother and babies and I was amazed by the friendliness of the mother cat, Bella. I was able to walk right up and pet her as she talked and talked to me. Holding my boy for the first time at that meeting I found him to be plump, fluffy, clean and calm and decided to reserve him. Heather sent us pictures as we anxiously waited for him to be old enough to come home. When she was confident he was eating dry food, drinking and using the litter box she took him in for a wellness check/1st vacines etc. As he and his litter mates were healthy Heather delivered him to our home that weekend as we'd requested. As she pulled him out of his carrier and plopped him in my fiance's hands our new baby immediately started to purr. It seems like he's barely stopped purring since. He is the happiest most relaxed kitten I have ever come across. No hiding under the bed, startling at loud noises or any of the other typical frightened reactions you often see from kittens in a new environment. Heather did such a great job raising a very self-confident, sweet, loving, happy little guy. We highly recommend Heather and her kittens. Already passed along her card to our family Dr."

Jennifer Regester

My name is Kristina Tanis and I write this letter with high regards for Heather Lewis of Exotic Legends cattery. After the loss of our Siamese, Kiki, my husband and I began researching a wide variety of breeds to see which would be the best fit for us. We were both quickly drawn to Bengals because of their gorgeous markings and reputation for being very adventurous and social. From there, our search led us to the website and Facebook page for Exotic Legends where we found posts, photos, and videos of a variety of adorable Bengal cats and kittens. As luck would have it, there was a precious silver female (we named her Ash) in want of a home. Neither or us had ever dealt with a cattery before so we were not sure what to expect. Thankfully, Heather was easy to reach via Facebook Messenger and quick to answer all of our questions and set up a meeting. Within a few days, we were able to officially make little Ash part of our family. Just two months later, we could not be more in love with Ash. She has a very extroverted personality. More often than not, she is waiting by the door when we get home from work and refuses to leave our side—if we are showering, cooking, or just sitting on the sofa watching TV, she wants to be part of it! In between cuddle sessions, she also enjoys rampaging around our apartment—playing with her toys, climbing and jumping from surface to surface, and getting into a bit of mischief when we aren’t looking. My husband and I can’t wait for spring and summer so we can take her outside for adventures around the city, hikes in the mountains, and long walks along the beach. 😊 Ash is not only a delight at home, but she travels very well and is quick to warm up to new people. For example, we recently took her to Urban Animal for her check-up. The staff was pleasantly surprised and complimentary of her demeanor while being examined and receiving her shots, commenting that she is much more relaxed and cooperative than most other Bengals they have seen. Although owning a Bengal has been a new experience for us, we feel incredibly lucky to have found Exotic Legends. The care and concern Heather shows for her cats and kittens is what sets her apart from other catteries in the area. When she welcomes you to the Exotic Legends family, she means it. Just this Christmas, Heather hosted a Facebook photo contest on her page offering a prize to the winner. When little Ash won, we were blown away when we received a cat tree in the mail. She will undoubtedly spend countless hours playing and lounging on the tree, all thanks to Heather’s generosity! We absolutely love our little Ash and are thrilled to have the opportunity to join the Exotic Legends family!"

Kristina Tanis

“Having never owned a Bengal before and being aware of typical Bengal traits, we weren’t exactly sure what to expect behavior-wise. Our gold Sophie is only 14 weeks, but she has already developed a very loving personality. She loves sit on our lap and snuggle after breakfast (she’d do that all day if we let her!). She purrs every time you pick her up or even just walk by. Our biggest surprise was to find out that she loves sleeping under the covers right next to you! She loves people and we are thrilled to have such a loving and smart cat in our family! If you are looking for an intelligent and loving Bengal, we highly recommend Exotic Legends Bengals!”"


Thank you again for Nadia. She is turning out to be amazing silver bengal. Definitely a young playful kitten! Looking forward to the many years come!"


I looked for a long time and did a ton of research to find an excellent breeder in Washington State. Heather was amazing to work with. She was responsive to all my questions and kept in close contact with me. She provided me with documentation regarding PRA and PK negative results (not even carriers of course)! She also gave me genetic results on possible color combinations that might result from pairings. Her contract was well written protecting the buyer, the breeder and the kitten. My kitten (Nebit) is gorgeous and more than I could have hoped for. He is a stunning snow Bengal with beautiful markings and rosettes. Nebit is a calm, friendly, healthy, confident kitten. I highly recommend Exotic Legends Bengals for anyone looking to welcome this enchanting breed of cat into your home."

Danielle Ott-Olsen

Wonderful Bengals and Breeder, very professional, great communication and support to any of your Bengal related questions. The kittens themselves have beautiful patterns and great temperament. I highly recommend Exoticlegends to anyone looking for quality Bengal to add to their family"

Juanita M



Outstanding Cattery Code of Ethics

TICA(The International Cat Association)

The voluntary code of ethics is for breeders that voluntarily want to sign and agree to TICA's codes by; being a member in good standing, agreeing to breed discriminately, and also find good homes for the kittens - https://www.tica.org/downloads/file/68-voluntary-code-of-ethics

Outstanding Catteries

TICA (The International Cat Association)

TICA'S EXPLANATION OF THE CERTIFICATES - "In keeping with the Mission and Policy Statements of TICA, the Outstanding Cattery Program has adopted the Cattery Evaluation Program and the Outstanding Cattery Code of Ethics as requirements for achieving the TICA Outstanding Cattery certificate. The goal is to provide education, information, and guidance to breeders so that they are aware of proper husbandry and cattery management techniques. Evaluator The actual cattery evaluation must be done by a licensed small animal veterinarian. The breeder may engage his/her regular veterinarian for this task. It is important for the veterinarian to place emphasis on the overall impression of health and well-being of the cats in the cattery during the evaluation and decision-making process. Often cattery set-ups involve the entire household. For example, bedrooms and bathrooms may be utilized for birthing and/or isolation areas of the cattery. In addition, it is important for the evaluator to allow for the odor of any whole male cat in residence. However, it is not allowable to experience the stale odor of cats permeating the residence. It is hoped that the dialogue between the veterinarian and breeder will be an educational experience. Breeder The breeder is encouraged to use the Cattery Evaluation Form as a guide for self-evaluation of his/her cattery prior to contacting a veterinarian. It is hoped that this method will allow the breeder to correct any deficiencies before the actual evaluation. The breeder must be present during the evaluation and scoring process. All fees charged by the veterinarian for this service are to be paid by the breeder. Scoring Method The veterinarian is to complete and score the form in the presence of the breeder. Complete the form by ticking the appropriate box against each of the criteria. Each individual rating of "Excellent" receives 2 points, each "Satisfactory" receives 1 point, and each "unsatisfactory" rating receives 0 points. Any Not Applicable (N/A) rating receives a score of 2 points. Multiply the total number of "excellent" ratings plus "N/A" ratings by 2 and enter this figure on the line following "Excellent". Add the total number of "Satisfactory" ratings and enter this figure on the line following "Satisfactory". Add the two figures together and enter the sum in the appropriate space as the total score. The best possible score is 88 points. A total score of 75 points or more receives an overall "Outstanding" rating and the breeder will be sent a TICA Outstanding Cattery certificate." https://tica.org/owners-breeders/catteries/outstanding-cattery-program

Cattery of Excellence

The Cat Fanciers' Association (CFA)

CFA Approved Cattery Environment Program per CFA official website "A cattery environment inspection program exists for catteries registered with The Cat Fanciers’ Association, Inc. (CFA). A cattery is a mutiple-cat household maintained for the purpose of perpetuating and protecting the heritage and desirable traits of the various breeds of pedigreed cats. The program, which went into effect on July 1, 1992 offers CFA registered catteries an opportunity to voluntarily participate in the CFA Approved Cattery Environment Program(ACEP). The cattery inspections are conducted by licensed veterinarians, using criteria established by CFA. The ACEP program has two tiers: “CFA Approved Cattery” and “CFA Cattery of Excellence”. The inspection and approval process encompasses the environmental conditions of the cattery." https://cfa.org/approved-cattery-program/

CH (Champian Viper)


Awards Viper received at the CFA cat show

CH (Champian Viper)


Viper in a ring with one of the CFA judges

Exotic Legends Penny (Client's kitty)

Won 2020 Taste of The Wild Photo Contest