I cannot stress this enough.

You are a backyard breeder if you do not test for PCR upper respiratory, PCR fecal, feline aids and leukemia, and optimal Selection, 50 cat genetic disorders.

I am seeing all these new Cattery‘s popping up. And when you contact them - all of them have not done the PCR panels ect..
Just because your cat looks healthy doesn’t mean it is. You are irresponsible and unethical. You are breeding sick and diseased cats. And selling those kittens to Unknowing and uneducated Clients.

Do you the proper testing people. Stop being greedy, and do what is right.

Clients - people wanting to buy Cats : demand that the breeder does these tests, and shows you the results. This is going to continue until we spread the word...

There is a list going around of supposedly ethical Bengal Breeder‘s. That list is of backyard breeders. Remember unless they do all the test mentioned above and showed you the results they are backyard breeders. Hiding something. These tests are not expensive at all. Get these test done. Cattery’s need to test all of their breeder cats and get rid of carriers, or sick or cats that tested positive for these diseases.

We as breeders are supposed to better the breed not destroyed it